Your generous donation profoundly impacts the lives of RMHC families and their children by offering them the security and comfort of a true home away from home. With facilities located in both Anchorage and Seattle, we can provide accommodation for up to 139 families. On average, we provide 28,000 nights of housing each year with a 97% occupancy rate.

When families stay with us, a load is taken off of them and they are relieved of the burden of finding their next meal, where to shower or rest at night. Instead, they can focus on what truly matters – being there for their child during their medical journey. Moreover, our services extend beyond housing. Families can access a range of supportive services, including daily meals, fresh linens, diapers, and a well-stocked pantry, among other essential items.

By donating, you play a vital role in ensuring these families can remain close to the hospital and their child’s medical team while receiving the necessary services needed to get them through this difficult time. Your contribution truly makes all the difference, and we can’t thank you enough for standing with us in supporting RMHC families.
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