Meal Program Details


Our kitchens in House A are ready to welcome back Meal Program volunteers in person, and we need you more than ever. Twenty-five additional families have greatly increased our food needs, and we are asking you to help us meet our goal of feeding families 365 days a year.

Volunteers must follow these Meal Program guidelines to keep families safe while visiting:

  • You may be asked to show proof of vaccination.
  • Wear a surgical-grade face mask at all times.
  • A maximum of 6 volunteers at one time.
  • Be a minimum of 16 years old

Culinary staff will be on hand to assist groups throughout the event, and volunteers should allot a 3-hour time commitment with an arrival time of 1:00 p.m. The Meal Program currently provides dinner to 100 residents a day. The average cost is $5.00/meal. Please read Meal Program guidelines here.

Unfortunately, we are not serving buffet-style at this time. Instead, the prepared food will be portioned into individual servings and refrigerated for families to eat at their convenience.

We wholeheartedly understand not everyone will be able to return as we all figure out how to navigate this “new normal.” If you still want to contribute but aren’t able to join us in person, sponsoring a boxed meal is a great way to support our families!

Please email Eleanor at   to schedule your date to cook.