Work Groups

Work group volunteers pose with cleaning supplies

Just like your house, there is always something to be done at our House. Our families take great comfort in coming home to a clean, organized space. We have indoor work opportunities available all year round, ranging from organizing, cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, and disinfecting to keep unsafe pathogens away from our families.

Additionally, we have opportunities to work outdoors in the fall and spring to assist the Master Gardeners with gardening and upkeep of our grounds. Although something as simple as cleaning may not sound important, it is immensely helpful to the House and our families – think of the time you spend volunteering the precious gift of time that you can give to a family with a sick child. Just like that gift of time, those groups who are willing to come in and do whatever it takes to help us are priceless!  Please contact the Manager of Volunteer Services if you are interested in group opportunities.

Other Group Volunteer Opportunities

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