A photo of Itzie

Itzie’s Story

Itzie’s zest for life has always been appreciated by her family. Prior to the beginning of her battle with leukemia, she was always the first one in the household awake,...
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Baby Maria-Lizbeth wears an adorable bow

Maria Lizeth’s Story

Devoted parents Beatriz and Jorge knew their baby daughter would be born with a heart defect. Though concerning, they knew what to expect, and a successful surgery took place in...
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A photo of Adam

Adam’s Story

An honor student in school, Adam’s teenage years were kicking into full gear with a truck of his own and his first job. He had just started the job, in...
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A photo of Rylie

Rylie’s Story

Rylie and her mom, Tracie, were accomplished at keeping things going while her dad, Kelly, was on tour in the Persian Gulf in his position of U.S. Navy Pilot. Home,...
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A photo of Justin

Justin’s Story

A strong hockey player, 20 year old Justin was attending the University of Alaska, Fairbanks on scholarship when his physician decided to remove a bothersome cyst from his knee. The...
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Kid Reviews: Inside Out

Sam, age 11, Korri, age 12, and Haley, age 7, began their stay at the House in March. They moved from the Tri-Cities area so their brother Dustin could receive...
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Follow-Up: Ethan’s Story

Ethan is a nine-year-old outgoing kid from Anchorage, Alaska who stayed with us in 2014. You may remember his story from our annual holiday letter last year. Ethan was diagnosed...
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