Ruth Fox stands with another volunteer at the Seattle House front desk

Volunteer Spotlight Ruth Fox

Volunteer Spotlight: Ruth Fox

“I know we’ve just gotten started, but they used to live here and I just have to say hello.” Ruth Fox waves excitedly across the Seattle House lobby to a...
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Lettuce and kale grow in a vegetable box

Vegetable Gardens At the House

Vegetable Gardens at the House

It was a long winter, but now that summer is finally here, the vegetable gardens around the House are getting crowded. Heads of lettuce are growing round and full. The...
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Sunny and Hoyt

We’re sad to share that two long-time Seattle House therapy dogs, Sunny and Hoyt, passed away recently. Sunny, a golden retriever, had been coming to the House since 2011 with...
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Bretton’s Last Skate

KOMO 4 captured Bretton’s last skate before having his leg amputated. Truly an amazing and must watch story – you can find it on KOMO’s website. 

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Are you playing the new Pokemon Go app? We’ve discovered that a great place to catch critters is along the Burke Gilman Trail. The trail features lots of pokestops and pokemon (although...
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