Mark Sterrett/President
Makai Advisory LLC

Liz Ortman/Treasurer/Secretary & Chair, Finance and Audit Committee

Ian Klein/Strategic Planning Committee Chair
Westlake Consulting Group

Bob MacDonald/Governance Committee Chair
Principal, Retail Analytic Services

 Andy McIntyre/Resource Development Committee Chair
Community Volunteer – BSI EHS Consulting- Retired


Suzanne Beitel
Seattle Children’s Hospital

Willie Cho
W. Cho Enterprises, Inc.

Mike Davidson
MRD, Inc.

Warren Jewell
Community Volunteer

Barb Johnson
McDonald’s Owner/Operator

Ian Klein
Westlake Consulting Group

Jonathan Lee
Seattle Academy of the Arts and Sciences, Upper School Director

Sunae Park
Community Volunteer

Andrew Rice
Seattle Children’s Hospital

John Sherwood
Peterson Russell Kelly, PLLC

Adriel Tam
Community Volunteer

Jeff Sperring, M.D.,
Honorary Board Member CEO Seattle Children’s Hospital