Host a Donation Drive

Donors sit outside the Seattle House with a large pile of food donations.

We invite you to collect food or other necessities for the House in Seattle! Holding a donation drive at your workplace, church, or as a fun activity for scout troops is an easy way to make a huge difference in the lives of our families. Here are some ideas for donation drives:


With 105 families using our free pantry, we go through an enormous amount of food here at the House. We love your donations any time of year — you can deliver the food directly to the Seattle House or buy it from our Amazon Wishlist. Check out the Seattle House wish list for up-to-date food necessities!

We’ve also prepared some handy sheets listing our food needs that you can print and reference!

For our food drives, we request that you donate:

  • All food donations must be new (directly from a store) and cannot be from personal pantries. This ensures that items are at their freshest and have the furthest possible expiration date..
  • All items must be 16oz or less in size.
  • We cannot accept home-canned goods.

Toiletries and Essential Items

We know that family comes first and that our residents don’t always have a time to pack a bag before they get here. We offer things like shampoo, toothbrushes, other toiletries and supplies to families who are medivac’ed here or in a rush because of extreme medical emergency.  We invite you to collect toiletry items listed on our wish list for families in need.