Donate Your Vehicle


Did you know you can donate a car, truck, motorcycle, trailer, boat, or other vehicle to RMHC and help families at the Ronald McDonald Houses in Seattle and Anchorage? 

Donating your vehicle is as easy as calling 855-CarsHelp (227-7435) or clicking here. Your vehicle will be picked up anywhere in the US for free and we will handle the rest, from selling it to providing a tax receipt.  

By donating your vehicle, you can help keep families together when they need it most. 


Answers to some of the common questions about car donations:

What can I donate?
Cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, and boats are considered acceptable vehicles for donation.

How will my donation help RMHC families?
The proceeds from the sale of your vehicle will be donated to support the programs of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Washington & Alaska.

Is this tax deductible?
Yes! Vehicle donations are tax-deductible. Individual tax situations vary. For specific tax-related questions, please consult your tax advisor or refer to IRS Publication 4303.

How do I begin?
Call (855) 227-7435  or click here. Our representatives will take care of the rest, arranging the pick up of your vehicle free of charge and steering you through the paperwork. 

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