A photo of Sota

Sota’s Story

Ask any parent of a seriously ill child and they will tell you they’d go to the ends of the earth to save their child. When they say they’d pay...
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A photo of Grace

Grace’s Story

Given a choice, Grace would likely spend most of her time playing one of her favorite sports and hanging out with her teammates. An avid athlete from a very young...
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A photo of baby Poppy

Video: Poppy’s Story

This is an inspiring video piece with story of Poppy and her family during their stay with RMHC.

A photo of Alex

Alex’s Story

Parents of high school athletes learn to live with the bumps and bruises their children tend to collect over time. Alex’s parents, Christina and Kelly, were no different, and at...
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A photo of Wyatt

Wyatt’s Story

Wyatt’s mom Kirsten wasn’t preparing to run a marathon, especially one she couldn’ttrain for. She, along with husband Tom, were busy working, parenting five-year-old Moriah and two-year-old Wyatt, and enjoying...
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Video: Katie’s Story

Everybody is drawn to Katie. She is an active girl that enjoys hockey.  Enjoy her inspiring video story.

A photo of Emily

Emily’s Story

The apple of her family’s eye, 10-month-old Emily’s bright smiles were becoming few and far between in January. As her parents, Renee and Adam, grew more concerned, Emily suffered through a...
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A photo of Itzie

Itzie’s Story

Itzie’s zest for life has always been appreciated by her family. Prior to the beginning of her battle with leukemia, she was always the first one in the household awake,...
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Baby Maria-Lizbeth wears an adorable bow

Maria Lizeth’s Story

Devoted parents Beatriz and Jorge knew their baby daughter would be born with a heart defect. Though concerning, they knew what to expect, and a successful surgery took place in...
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A photo of Adam

Adam’s Story

An honor student in school, Adam’s teenage years were kicking into full gear with a truck of his own and his first job. He had just started the job, in...
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