Alex smiles at the camera while resting on his mother's shoulder

Our Families Alex's Story

Alex’s Story

It was a Friday evening in January, the end of a long work week, and Alex’s family was sitting down to dinner at their home in Olympia. They’re a family...
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Members of the Seattle chapter of the American Sewing Guild stand over stacks of rags.

Volunteer Spotlight Seattle ASG

Greater Seattle ASG

Every month, a half dozen or so members of the Seattle Chapter of the American Sewing Guild set up shop in the basement of the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle....
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Robert, Tori, and Ireland

Our Families Ireland's Story

Ireland’s Story

Mysterious symptoms Over Thanksgiving weekend of 2016, three-year-old Ireland started to complain of a headache. It got worse and worse until she vomited, and then she felt better. It worried...
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Ruth Fox stands with another volunteer at the Seattle House front desk

Volunteer Spotlight Ruth Fox

Volunteer Spotlight: Ruth Fox

“I know we’ve just gotten started, but they used to live here and I just have to say hello.” Ruth Fox waves excitedly across the Seattle House lobby to a...
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Lettuce and kale grow in a vegetable box

Vegetable Gardens At the House

Vegetable Gardens at the House

It was a long winter, but now that summer is finally here, the vegetable gardens around the House are getting crowded. Heads of lettuce are growing round and full. The...
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Sunny and Hoyt

We’re sad to share that two long-time Seattle House therapy dogs, Sunny and Hoyt, passed away recently. Sunny, a golden retriever, had been coming to the House since 2011 with...
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Janet Stocker and the Snohomish Valley Crew

Volunteer Spotlight: Janet Stocker

Going to the grocery store and preparing meals are part of the weekly tasks for families. But imagine adding these tasks on top of caring for a very ill child,...
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Haircuts & Hope

Casey Roth came to the House as a volunteer with a yoga class. “The yoga class we did for kids was really fun, but I looked around and thought maybe there...
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Forrest and Mark, Bungie employees, posing with weapons for Men in Kilts

One Man in a Kilt’s Perspective

Men in Kilts happens every year – this year we kick off on April 12th! A long time competitor for Team Bungie, Mark Fleig chatted with us about his experiences. “The...
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Everett Teen Gives Back to the House

Everett native, Tessa has been volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House for two years. “A friend of mine was already involved in cancer and advocacy, and she asked me if...
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