Alan Finkelstein the Evolution of RMHC Gala

After two years of virtual events, we are excited to welcome attendees back in person to celebrate the 34th “House That Love Built” gala on Oct. 22 at the Sheraton...
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Emma’s Story

Since Emma was a baby, she has been paying visits to the hospital to fix a few medical maladies caused by being born breech and tall. During those visits to...
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Leo’s Story

Meet The Prigge Family. Emily Prigge loves living in her small town of Cottonwood, Idaho because her four children have lots of room to run and play and are part...
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RMHC Hockey Challenge

Triston’s Story

Meet Triston, our 2020 RMHC Hockey Challenge Honorary Captain! This year’s RMHC® Hockey Challenge Honorary Captain is Triston, a twenty-year-old student from Lynden, Washington. In 2019, Triston was enjoying his...
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2019 Hockey Challenge Kid Captain Hailey's Story

Meet Hailey, the 2019 Hockey Challenge Kid Captain

The 2019 Hockey Challenge will be held on Saturday, February 23! Click here for more information and to purchase tickets. This year’s Hockey Challenge Kid Captain is Hailey. Last August,...
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Our Families Tessa's Story

Tessa’s Story

Three-year-old Tessa loves dancing, the color pink, and telling jokes. She’s the youngest of three children, and compared to her older siblings, she was an easy infant. “We called her...
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Our Families Anna's Story

Anna’s Story

One day in the fall of 2017, twelve-year-old Anna was picked up a few hours early from school in her hometown of Silverdale, Washington. With her father, Augustine, she went...
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Alex’s Story

Alex and his family lived at the Seattle House for most of 2017 while he battled leukemia. In this video, his family talks about their experience at the Seattle Ronald...
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Constance, a three-year-old girl with a ponytail, plays on the swings as her mother looks on

Our Families Constance's Story

Constance’s Story

Three-year-old Constance has been battling kidney disease since she was born. She’s endured multiple surgeries, seizures, hernias, headaches, high blood pressure, and daily dialysis treatments. But somehow, she doesn’t let...
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Our Families Vail's Story

Vail’s Story

Earlier this year, ten-year-old Vail started to have headaches: terrible, debilitating episodes that often caused him to throw up or dry heave. His parents, Charlotte and Pete, took him to...
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