Our Team

Administrative Staff

Dianna Finnerty, Executive Director

(206) 838-0623
Dianna has been the Executive Director of RMHC of Western Washington & Alaska since 2005. She has managed nonprofit organizations in the areas of education and health and has worked extensively in public sector policy and program development.

Roxie Dufour, Finance Manager, (206) 838-0620 /

Taylor Stowell, Office Manager/IT Coordinator, (206) 838-0622 /

Heather Bauer, Director of Annual Giving, (206) 838-0614 /

Vanessa Kirk Briley, Director of Special Events, (206) 838-0613 /

Emma Croston, Special Events Manager, (206) 838-0629 /

Lauren Lane, Database Manager, (206) 838-0617 /

Mackenzie Beard, Database Coordinator, (206) 838-0641 /

Seattle Operations Staff

Kaarin Stowell, Operations Manager, (206) 838-0609 /

Mary Romig, Lead House Manager, (206) 838-0618 / 

Judy Adams, Manager of Volunteer Services, (206) 838-0606 /

Eleanor Garrison, Activities Coordinator, (206) 838-0621 /

Sarah Jewell, Volunteer Coordinator,

Wiesia Dlugosz, House Manager, (206) 838-0618 / 

Michelle Escuriex, House Manager, (206) 838-0618 /

Rebecca Fischler, House Manager, (206) 838-0618 / 

Nancy Gamble, House Manager, (206) 838-0610 / 

Kate Looney, House Manager, (206) 838-0618 /

Brenda McGarrity, House Manager, (206) 838-0618 /

Ashlee McCarley, House Manager, (206) 838-0618 /

Kathie Mortland, House Manager, (206) 838-0618 /

Helen Spencer-Snyder, House Manager, (206) 838-0618 /

Barbara Trueblood, House Manager, (206) 838-0618 / 


Seattle Facilities Staff

Jason Ferguson, Facilities Manager, (206) 838-0630 / 

Leticia Avila

Missy Eiseman

Sheree Carslay

Nancy Centeno

Mason Lane

Doris Lopez

Marshall McLaughlin

Anchorage House Staff

Dianne McKinley, Lead House Manager
Josephine Weinstein, House Manager
Tanya Welsh, House Manager
Charlene Stephan, ANMC & RMHC Volunteer Coordinator
Amber Haines, On-Call House Manager
Liza Nollner, Guest Service Agent


Corey Shamley, Board President
Erika Larsen, Treasurer/Secretary & Chair, Finance and Audit Committee
David Schneider, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
LMN Architects

K. Scott Baker, M.D.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Suzanne Beitel
Seattle Children’s Hospital

Willie Cho
W. Cho Enterprises, Inc.

Mike Davidson
MRD, Inc.

Rick Gauthier

Holly Hirai
Annie’s Fun

Warren Jewell
Community Volunteer

Barb Johnson
McDonald’s Owner/Operator

Elizabeth Ortman
Sunae Park
McGee Air Services
Andrew Rice, M.D.
Seattle Children’s HospitalDave Scalzo
SellenJohn Sherwood
Peterson Russell Kelly, PLLC

Mark Sterrett
Community Volunteer

Adriel Tam
Viridian Investments

Jeff Sperring, M.D.,
Honorary Board Member
CEO Seattle Children’s Hospital