Sunny and Hoyt

Sunny, a golden retriever with yellow and white fur, looks at the camera


We’re sad to share that two long-time Seattle House therapy dogs, Sunny and Hoyt, passed away recently.

Sunny, a golden retriever, had been coming to the House since 2011 with her owners, Gina and Sarah. Sunny loved her visits to the Ronald McDonald House: she somehow knew when it was Thursday afternoon again and would eagerly choose a toy to bring with her to her visit. Many kids and families shared that Sunny was their favorite, and the Seattle House was one of her favorite places to be.

Hoyt, a greyhound, had been coming to the House with his owner Steve since 2013. In his youth, Hoyt was a racing dog: he ran in 106 races during his career and could reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. When he was three, Hoyt’s racing career ended. Steve adopted him shortly thereafter.

Hoyt, a greyhound with dark brown fur, sits on a couch


Hoyt loved coming to Ronald McDonald House to lie on the couch and meet the families. Hoyt was a good listener and his ears would perk up when parents and children shared stories of their own dogs back home. He loved being petted by the children, who often remarked on how soft he was. And of course, he enjoyed the many treats he was given while visiting Ronald McDonald House.

We’re so grateful to Sunny and Hoyt for being such good dogs, and for the joy they brought to the children at the House over the years.