Haircuts & Hope

A hair stylist gives a trim to a dog sitting in his chairCasey Roth came to the House as a volunteer with a yoga class. “The yoga class we did for kids was really fun, but I looked around and thought maybe there was something else I could do to make a difference for families here,” says CaseyCasey works as a barber at Rudy’s Barbershop in Pioneer Square and has a true passion for making people look and feel their best.

“I just saw a need and decided, ‘You know what, I can do that,'” says Casey. He gives haircuts at the House once a month, often with another hair stylist. There are so many parents and kids who take advantage of his service – he often gives about 15 haircuts in one session. But as a seasoned professional, he takes it all in stride, viewing it as an opportunity to improve his styling speed.

Casey says that volunteering has been a great experience, since it is something he can give that people truly appreciate. “I remember one time I came to give haircuts and it was the day before a photographer was going to shoot family portraits in the House, around Christmastime. I did a simple haircut for a mom. She had hair halfway down her back and I gave her a long layer at the shoulder. I could tell that this was something really special for her,” says Casey. “There’s something about giving back here that is really unique. Families here just don’t have the time to get a haircut – it’s the last thing on their mind when they’re taking care of a sick kid. It’s nice to offer them something that helps them feel less isolated.”

Something as simple as a haircut can help make them feel better about themselves and know that someone else cares about them while they are going through a difficult time. If you are interested in learning more about how to support caregivers or if you are a caregiver yourself, another great resource is this guide from While specifically targeted to parents and others taking care of someone with cancer, almost all of what it says applies to any person taking care of a seriously ill child. It gives great tips and ideas for self-care that can help you destress.

Do you want to volunteer your services to families at the House to give them a little extra TLC? Contact our Manager of Volunteer Services, Judy Adams with an email at