How to Help This Holiday

Looking for ways to help out the House this holiday? Here are just a few ideas below. You can also visit our wish list page for a more comprehensive look at our latest needs.

Kids open a package

Photo credit: Bella Cara Photography

Hold a Necessities Drive: We are always in need of toiletries for families who come to us in an extreme medical emergency, often without packing a bag. Items like razors, shaving cream, as well as full and travel sizes of body wash, shampoo and toothpaste are needed. For a full list of items we need, check out this page. 

Purchase something from our Amazon Wish list:
You can keep a family comfortable during the holidays and all year long with the purchase of an item off of our wish list. We need kitchen items like potato mashers, spatulas, baking sheets, muffin tins, and whisks so families can prepare their favorite holiday meals. Find our list here!

Contribute to Our Holiday Food and Event Fund:
Donate to provide Christmas Eve dinner, Thanksgiving breakfast, and many other wonderful holiday events around the House, you can make a gift to our Special Events Fund online! Visit
our donation page and check “Holiday Food & Event Fund” from the list.

Put up a Holiday Wishes Tree with our Printable Tags:
We’ve created a set of holiday tags which you can print out and put on a Holiday Wishes tree in your office, community center, church, etc. Each tag contains a gift that we need at the House, ranging from household items to children’s toys. They are super easy to print out and hang with paper clips, so you can create a Holiday Wishes tree in no time! You can find them here. 

Donate a Toy:
Many of our families face financial challenges and lack of transport here at the House, so we bring holiday shopping to them with a room full of toys where they can pick out gifts. We accept toys donated from our Amazon Wishlist or new toys donated to our front desk (open 9AM-9PM everyday, 5130 40th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105). Unfortunately, we cannot accept used items.

Tell Someone About Our Organization:
Many people don’t know about our organization – you can help simply by telling a friend, neighbor, or coworker about the great things that we do here at the House. Letting people know about the services we provide and why you personally support us means the world to us – and it doesn’t cost a thing.