Interview with a Hockey Captain: Jackie Soo

JackieJackie Soo got involved with the Hockey Challenge because of her passion for the sport. A natural athlete and Canadian, she has been playing hockey for over 18 years and skating since she was a child. She’s skated with the Hong Kong Women’s Team in several tournaments, and played locally against visiting teams from all over the world, including Australia, Japan, Singapore, and China.

Once Soo learned about the mission behind the Hockey Challenge, she became a dedicated supporter of the House. “I think seeing the impact that the funds and the House make in the lives of families, and their appreciation really speaks to me,” she notes. She’s been involved in the challenge for 11 years and has been involved in many aspects of the House as a volunteer and member of the Development Committee.

During the 2012 Hockey Challenge, Soo had the opportunity to meet one of the residents of RMHC, Katie, personally. “I think the year Katie came to visit us in the locker room is one of my favorite memories of Hockey Challenge,” says Soo. “I think it made it real for many of the women on my team – to interact with a resident of the House and to really make a connection with the families of the House.” Although Katie sadly passed away last year, her fight against osteosarcoma, zest for life and spirit continues to live on in Soo’s team. Soo honors Katie’s memory in the name of her team: Katie’s Krushers.Jackie2

When she’s not participating in the Hockey Challenge, Soo can be found working out with her personal trainer, singing, and doing paper crafts. That is, if she isn’t doing something related to hockey! She plays for the Greater Seattle Hockey League, the Sno-King Adult Hockey League, and even makes time to attend the Mario Lemieux Fantasy Hockey Camp, hosted by the great Pittsburgh Penguins legend. She’s also the founder of Hockey Talk, a Facebook group devoted to everything hockey, which currently has over 18,000 members.

You can support Soo’s team, Katie’s Krushers on her CauseVox page