Edan’s Story

Last Christmas Eve, Edan’s family received the best gift their family could ask for: they were told that Edan was officially in remission. “I remember gripping onto the doctor as I hugged him, tears in my eyes, quietly saying ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’ This was the best gift we could have been given,” says Roberta, Edan’s mother.

Over the last several years, Edan’s family has been in and out of the House and Children’s Hospital while Edan, has battled Non-Hodgkins Lymphona. When Edan was first diagnosed, the family had to immediately leave Bellingham for the hospital. With hardly had time to pack a bag, let alone think about where to stay, it was a scary time. However, the House was a home-away-from-home the minute they stepped through the doors.

The Ronald McDonald House offers everything a family with a sick child needs. It’s not just a warm bed, but volunteers have prepared dinners most nights of the week, there is a free pantry full of groceries and volunteers plan all kinds of activities for the kids. “Not having to worry about something as simple as dinner after you’ve been in the hospital for eight or more hours is amazing,” says Roberta. “The volunteers and staff there are angels – they are always ready to offer a sympathetic ear and always asked how Edan was progressing. We’ve also made amazing friends with many of the other families in the House – it was so great to have other parents around who know exactly what you’re going through.” she adds.

We’re happy to report that Edan has returned home with his family in Bellingham, WA. He’s back to school and recently enjoyed winning a soccer game! He’s been busy doing everything kids do, like making holiday-themed crafts, having playdates with his friends, and reading the “Adventures of Humphrey” books. This year, he and his family feel blessed to be spending Thanksgiving with his extended family for the first time in a year.

If you’d like to help families like Edan’s, we encourage you to donate to our organization online at: www.rmhcseattle.org/donate