Kid Reviews: Inside Out

Inside Out Interview Cannady Kids 002Sam, age 11, Korri, age 12, and Haley, age 7, began their stay at the House in March. They moved from the Tri-Cities area so their brother Dustin could receive treatment at Children’s. In the meantime, they have been keeping busy playing videogames, reading, playing basketball, and of course, watching movies. Korri loves action movies,  Hailey is a big fan of the princess genre, and Sam likes all kinds of movies but especially funny ones. This week, the House was able to offer a free screening of Inside Out thanks to Allied Integrated Marketing and 43kix Seattle. The three discerning film critics give you this review of the film:

Number of Stars out of 5:

Sam: 4 Stars

Hailey: 5 Stars

Korri: 5 Stars

Korri thought the movie was very different and really had a unique point of view. Sam agreed, saying that it was not the typical perspective since the action is all inside a person’s head and the characters are emotions instead of people. By putting the action inside instead of outside, it really “brought out the potential for it to be a better movie,” said Korri. Hailey liked how the colors of the characters seemed to match their emotions – Disgusted, for example, is green and Joy is yellow.

Spoiler-Free Synopsis:

The three siblings told me the film revolves around a girl and her emotions – “like the little thoughts in your head,” explained Hailey. What happens when some of your emotions disappear? Go see Inside Out to find out!  All three thought the movie had a good lesson about the importance of experiencing all of your emotions. Sam and Korri agreed that the movie has a little bit of something for everyone – parents, teens, tweens, and tots!

Favorite Character:

Sam: Anger

Hailey: Three way tie between Joy, Disgusted, and Sadness

Korri: Disgusted

Favorite Parts, Mild Spoiler Alert:

Since they loved the movie, they had a lot of favorite parts. The Puberty Button was a big draw for both Sam and Korri, who both thought it was hilarious. Hailey said she really loved when Joy went into the spaceship and also thought the emotions creating dreams was cool. There’s also a part where you experience a dog’s mind and a cat’s mind!

Something They Were Surprised by:

“Fear wasn’t really a character in the movie,” said Hailey. Sam and Korri agreed with her, but Korri pointed out that in real life, we’re not frequently scared, so that made the movie feel more realistic.


Sam says Pixar should make a Inside Out II where the main character is a boy. Do you agree? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments!