Nutter Butter Loraxes

6.4.15 005The Sheraton Hotel came earlier in the summer and made a delicious Dr. Seuss themed meal for our families. It included “One Fish, Two Fish” aka Halibut over onions and peppers), Truffala Trees (Broccolini & carrots) as well as “Roast Beast” (Beef tenderloin). One highlight of the clever menu was the Lorax cookies! The Sheraton graciously supplied the following recipe for them – they are a simple and adorable way to celebrate Seuss with something sweet.


  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • Buttercream (colored pale orange)
  • Candy eyes (can be found at Target or similar stores in the cake aisle)
  • Pastry bag fitted with a round tip 

 6.4.15 007Instructions

1- Lay cookies in a single layer on a serving platter

2- Fill a pastry bag with buttercream.  Be sure to use a round tip.

3- Place two small dots of buttercream on cookie where you would like the eyes.

4- Place an eye on each dot of buttercream

5- Add buttercream above the eyes for the eyebrows

6- Add buttercream below the eyes for the mustache

7- Serve, eat, enjoy!